Universal Brow Pencil

Art Direction
Print Design
Social Media

Unlike other beauty lines, Billion Dollar Brows caters exclusively to eyebrow care. One of their original products that led to their astounding success, the Universal Brow Pencil, works on most skin tones and hair colors. 

Target Audience



22, Working adult
Eliza doesn't wear a full face every day, but she likes to look put together. But, she has light skin and light hair, so she has trouble filling in her eyebrows boldly with ease like her friends with darker hair, so her morning routine is a little more fussy than she'd like. 



17, High School Senior
Rachel's still pretty new to makeup. She's also on a budget and feels more comfortable buying drugstore products. Her eyebrows are dark and thin. She's intimidated by complicated products, so she's hoping to find an easy, full proof pencil.


Design Solution


Ads will appear in fashion, glamour and beauty magazines targeted toward girls and women in the 10-35 range such as Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle, etc. 


Social experience

The simple and striking image will engage consumers through sponsored ads as they scroll through their cluttered news feeds. 



Upon seeing these ads, consumers will ditch their old pencils, liquids, or powders and order their own Universal Brow Pencil. Eliza is still quite shocked that a seemingly dark pencil blends effortlessly on her brows. Thanks to the universal color of the pencil, consumers will be able to let their friends test out their pencils before committing to their own online purchase, or share if they're in a pinch, regardless of their own hair color and skin tone. 

Photography by Meghan Marin