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RIT Drag Show

The RIT Drag Show is a semiannual event that gives local and student Drag Queens and Kings an opportunity to share their talents with the RIT and Rochester community.


Attendance for the show has plateaued. There is no problem filling seats, but the desire to grow the community and burst outside of the niche community is not being fulfilled.

Target Audience



19, 2nd Year, Involved in a few clubs
Emma is feeling a little restless. She is hoping to explore RIT, so she's begun paying extra attention to postings on Facebook and flyers posted around campus. 



21, 4th Year
Adrian frequents the RIT Drag Show. He already knows when the show will be, but seeing the posters around just adds to the excitement.  


Design Solution


For maximum drama and impact (because Queens and Kings wouldn't have it any other way), 8.5 x 11's will be surpassed for 11 x 17's. Rochester thrives on a bus system (as opposed to a subway system), so posters will be posted at all bus shelters across the city. Stickers will be posted in bathroom stalls in clubs and bars downtown and across campus to amp up excitement and stir up allure.

social experience

Queens and Kings would be encouraged to use promos on their Facebook profiles. Emma will most likely rely on this event page for the preplanning and attending of the event, while Adrain will help spread interest and awareness by showing his attendance online.



With an increased and refined on campus and social media presence, as well a totally new approach to how the show reaches out to the Rochester community, the RIT Draw Show will see a huge growth in numbers. With the right campaign, the RIT Drag Show can truly flourish and reach unprecedented levels of celebration and recognition. 

Photography by Becks Ashley