User Interface
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Market Research


Glosslab is a brand new premium manicure and pedicure studio located in New York, New York. Whether customers want to walk in, make an appointment, or become a member, services are promised to always be clean and chic. 


Customers need an intuitive and efficient way to book appointments online after clicking the "book an appointment" button on the homepage of Glosslab's website. This user flow must coordinate with the "Booker" technology that Glosslab uses in their studio, consider design trends of similar booking services, and be more considerate than other nail studio's.


Online booking services to consider are Drybar, Heyday, and Blushington. Heyday creates a vertical scrolling experience, while Drybar and Blushington, create a fixed form experience. It's also noteworthy that two out of these three booking services require customers to login or sign up before booking an appointment. 

Competitive Analysis

Other premium nail studios include Olive and June and MiniLuxe. Olive and June uses an offsite booking service, while MiniLuke's is well integrated into their site. The sites are split even in terms of scrolling vs fixed form experience. Neither service requires a membership login to book an appointment.


Three different low fidelity user flows explored potential user needs and tendencies. Two were selected to move forward into higher fidelity iterations. 


Design Solution




The proposed booking service will create an efficient, on brand experience for Glosslab customers. It sails above the competition and aligns with design trends. The customer that books ahead wants to save time, and they will with this intuitive booker. 

Glosslab is a client of the Monolith Design Collective. All work was completed for the collective while employed as their Graphic Design Intern. Images used are from internet resources and are for placement only.