Illuminate is a public service awareness campaign that aims to educate consumers on inner & outer beauty and self-image. 

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At least one in five young girls as young as 8 years old who have ever worn makeup have negative feelings about their image when not wearing makeup, associating a “bare face” with feeling insecure and unattractive. Minority women risk infertility and cancer to white wash themselves, millennials risk cancer for straight hair and tanned skin, and elder women risk nerve damage for short lived wrinkle removal. Meanwhile, non-binary and trans people go to great lengths to search for their place in the industry and society, and men struggle under a whole other set of standards.

You might have asked yourself, where is the FDA in all of this? They can only take action if enough research and reports are given against a product or treatment, which can take years and as we've seen, is very unlikely. Consumer pressure, however, can bypass the FDA all together.   

Target Audience

This campaign will target the Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z that use these harmful makeup and beauty products; especially those that use harmful products and treatments daily/monthly. This topic might appear to pertain to just females, but the discussed products and topics are not limited to them. Content will use inclusive language and imagery to encourage trans, non-binary, and male engagement.



Illuminate is a short term marketing campaign meant to empower consumers and stir up the industry, funded by The Ford Foundation and it's own mission of dignity and social justice. The movement strives to expose the beauty industry for its grave and dangerous pitfalls so that people of all demographics might find direction and empowerment, as well as become advocates for their own physical and emotional health, furthering the movement toward using pure products and becoming happy, confident beings. It believes that every being is innately beautiful and that beauty glows from within and flows outward. Confidence should not depend on outer beauty, but rather, beam when our inner and outer selves are living in harmony. 



The website will house the bulk of the information, providing research on beauty products and treatments that are harmful to our bodies. Here is where users will be exposed to what society and industry is actually doing and inspire action.


Social Experience

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will share research, reinforce messaging, and showcase brand and celebrity ambassadors. Bits of research will be a bit heavier, accompanied by a call to go to the website. More lighthearted shots of models will be featured to create an emotional, accessible personality. Celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Jessica Alba and their brands, as well as campaigns like #Ageless being put out by Olay will be featured to prove that change is already happening and possible. 



Empathetic, accessible, and empowered expressions will capture consumers- each models’ inner “light” will complement what external beauty alone cannot achieve. These ads will be placed in a vast amount of print publications to reach each demographic, pictured here is just one beauty magazine that a makeup user might read, but others may include lifestyle magazines, parenting magazines, teen magazines, culture magazines, special interest magazines, etc.  Print advertisements and a moving billboard will also be utilized in major cities where there are lots of foot traffic, especially juxtaposed alongside advertisements for the very brands that the movement aims to expose. 



The app serves an index, containing the best and worst rated products, brands, and treatments in a easily categorized and accessible way for in-store reference. This will become a users go-to tool while shopping or thinking about what they need to buy as they become more conscious of what they’re putting on their body. This is critical for the “taking action” part of the movement; once users have been engaged by advertisements and gone to the website to learn more about their demographic and perhaps others, they have the power to protect their own bodies as well as dictate which products receive support and which do not. 



More informed consumers will decrease supply and demand of harmful products and treatments, forcing the industry's hand to produce safer ones. Advertisements will drive engagement to the website, which will drive engagement to the app, which will create brand ambassadors and advocates. People will start conversations with one another to enforce the notion that beauty has no hair type, skin tone, color, age, gender, or label. Soon, we will see more illuminated beings around us and the campaign will have achieved it's goal of uniting inner, mental & emotional beauty and outer, physical & cosmetic beauty. 

Photography by Emily Patten